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General Conference 2019: The Work Begins

The legislative work of the 2019 General Conference of The United Methodist Church begins on Sunday, Feb. 24 with an organizational session. First order of business will be standard housekeeping items such as setting the bar and taking roll call. The plenary will receive reports from the Committee on the General Conference, Committee on Agenda and Calendar, and Administrative Committees, as well as the report from the Commission on a Way Forward.

Day of Prayer and Worship: Starting With Surrender

Day of Prayer and Worship: Starting With Surrender

Saturday, as the delegates gathered for the General Conference of The United Methodist Church, their time together started with surrender. This was a surrender to God and a surrender to the Holy Spirit. It was a sign that we are giving up of ourselves with the knowledge that our God is not giving up on us.

Praying our Way Forward

A prayer community in response to the Council of Bishop’s initiative.


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Daily Christian Advocate

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Judicial Council Ruling 1366

IN RE: Petition for Declaratory Decision from the Council of Bishops regarding the constitutionality of three sets of legislative petitions known as the One Church Plan, Connectional Conference Plan, and Traditional Plan.


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