The Western Jurisdiction Cabinet met for its monthly meeting on July 26, 2021. Lisa Talbott, the new Director of Connectional Ministries of the Alaska Conference, was welcomed. The following work was conducted:

  • Debriefing of the Special WJ Conference held on July 17, 2021
  • Outlining the Tasks Ahead
  • Preparing for the Proposed Special WJ Conference for November 13, 2021
  • Winter WJ Leadership Meetings

The Mission Cabinet expressed gratitude for the passionate commitment of the Delegates from across the Jurisdiction who actively participated in the July 17 Jurisdictional Conference, and thankfulness for the excellent reports of the 5 Work Groups. The Mission Cabinet heard the deep commitment of the delegates as they seek to do their work well and their concern for needing more information about the full agenda of jurisdictional conferences. It was agreed that a more detailed agenda of the next special called session of the WJ needs to be provided in a timely way as we near the proposed November 2021 Jurisdictional Conference.

The College of Bishops reported having received a letter from the Delegation of the California-Nevada Conference, and supported by Delegates from across the Jurisdiction, expressing concern about what they experienced as a lack of diversity in the Jurisdictional Conference. As preparations are made for future jurisdictional conferences the Mission Cabinet will work diligently to ensure that the leadership highlighted in all aspects of the sessions reflects and includes the diversity found in our jurisdiction, particularly regarding racial and ethnic diversity. The WJ Inter-Ethnic Coordinating Committee will be invited to help address this concern and aspiration as we prepare for future jurisdictional conferences and continue with others to lead the mission and ministry of the WJ.

It was reported that the 5 Work Groups have continued their efforts and are considering the feedback given to them at the Jurisdictional Conference.

In response to the timeline established for the Work Groups by the Jurisdictional Conference the Mission Cabinet committed to the following actions:

September 10th Mission Cabinet will meet to review the reports of the 5 Work
Groups with a focus on coordination of efforts and recommendations.
September 15th As per action of the July 17th Jurisdictional Conference the reports of the Work Groups will be sent to all delegates and posted on the WJ Website.
September 18th Mission Cabinet, leaders of the Work Groups and members of the Committee on the Episcopacy will meet virtually with Lead Delegates for the purpose of presenting and reflecting on the reports of the Work Groups, discussing the role of the Committee on the Episcopacy for recommending the number of bishops to serve the WJ, and consulting on a process for feedback sessions. The Mission Cabinet and Conference Communicators stand ready to assist the Lead Delegates in every good and helpful way as they shape the feedback process.

The WJ College of Bishops is working on the Call for the proposed November 13, 2021 Jurisdictional Conference and is committed to sending forth the Call in the near future with attentiveness to clarity on what will be addressed at this conference and a clear and detailed agenda.

Winter 2022 WJ Leadership meeting dates will be finalized and shared in the near future after further consultation with the participating leadership bodies.

Below are the action items the WJ delegates voted on, as provided by Rev. Bradley Laurvick, Western Jurisdiction secretary:

I. A motion was made to postpone until a future special session (tentatively November 13, 2021) the vote to determine the number of bishops to be elected.
Motion passed (80 – 7)
II. A motion was made regarding Bishop Hoshibata’s request for retirement.
Motion passed (87-1)
III. Amended Motion:
The Pacific NW delegation made an amended motion, stating:
– the work of each Workgroup shall be completed and reported out by September 15;
– open forums shall then be held to incorporate the ideas of others;
– and representatives of each delegation (first electeds or another designee) shall create a mechanism for the work to coalesce and to be communicated as a proposal, in the form of legislation, by October 31, for consideration at the special session of the WJC on November 13, 2021.
Motion passed as amended (74-5)

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