Beloved, though we may not feel it, the Lord be with you.

And also with you.

Beloved, though our hearts are heavy, lift up your hearts.

We lift them up to the Lord.

I want Jesus, to walk with me
I want Jesus to walk with me
All along my pilgrim journey
Oh, I want Jesus to walk with me

Let us pray.
God, when the world was void and chaos moved over the face of the waters, you were there.
God, when nothing felt right. When nothing felt clear. When all seemed in great disarray, you were there.
God, when the way through the wilderness seemed indiscernible, you were there.
Even now God, when the pain of justice denied and voices unheard, both queer and straight are too great for words to express, you are still there.

In my trial, Lord, walk with me
In my trials, Lord, walk with me
When the shades of life are falling
Lord, I want Jesus to walk with me

God, in the moment when we hear words that deny our full humanity cleverly disguised in the rhetoric of unity, even then you are there.
You share our pain and feel our frustration.
You see our fists raised in the air in anger and our cries for true liberty, and through all of it, you are there.
And so with all of us here on earth and with the cries of the saints above, we join together in this broken hallelujah which you will never turn away..

Holy, holy Lord God almighty
Holy, holy Lord God almightyHeaven and earth are full of your glory
Ho–sanna in the highest
Blessed is the One who, comes in your name
Blessed is the One who, come in your name
Heaven and earth are full of your glory
Ho—sanna in the highest

Holy God, your desire to be with us, even in our brokenness, to help us feel that we are never alone was evident in the person of Jesus Christ, the Holy One you sent into our broken world to live among us.
Jesus showed us through acts of love and compassion, that you were still with us.
Jesus ate with the despised and disposed, he befriended the outcast and outliers, and he walked with those who journeyed alone and were left on the side of the road.
Jesus taught us that the kin-dom of heaven is not made up of plans, or votes or amendments but the kin-dom of heaven is like a wild mustard seed that no one can stop and no institution can control.

Jesus taught us that love is bigger than this moment and stronger than any force, even death that can try to separate us from your love, Gracious God. Jesus’ message of radical inclusion and generous love was a threat to the powers around him and because of this Jesus was falsely accused, arrested, tortured and put to death. On the night of his betrayal and arrest, Jesus gathered with his friends, women and men alike and shared with them this special meal we now celebrate. He took the bread, blessed, broke and gave it to his disciples saying, “take and eat this is my body broken and given for you and for the world.”He also took the cup and after giving thanks gave it to his disciples saying, take and drink this is the cup of a new covenant make in my blood.”

Jesus felt in every fiber of his being our pain, our betrayal, and the cost of love which eventually led him to the cross.

(soloist will sing)In my sorrow, Lord walk with me
In my sorrows, Lord walk with me
When my heart is aching
Lord, I want Jesus to walk with me

And so because of these mighty acts of love we cry and give thanks proclaiming what only through faith we can see…

Christ has died.
Christ has risen.
Christ will come again to reign on earth.
Ho—sanna in the highest
Thank you Jesus, who walks with us!

Pour out your Spirit on these broken pieces of bread and this fragile cup.
Pour out your Spirit on this broken moment of uncertainty.
Pour out your Spirit and envelop our torn hearts with your healing touch, so that we can become wounded healers for a broken world.
Make us One with You.
Make us One with each other, not because we have to, not out of a vote, not because we don’t want to upset each other, but make us one because we truly see each other for who we are and who you have made us to be; holy, exquisitely beautiful and mutually interdependent.  Your Holy Church.

And now as children of God let us pray (the Lord’s prayer, or silence can be observed, or instructions can be given for people to enter into a lament space: Romans 826 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes[a] with sighs too deep for words. 27 And God,[b] who searches the heart, knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit[c] intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.[d])

Songs during communion:
“Broken Hallelujah” Mandisa “How Long” M. Miller
“Ayudanos, O Dios” M. Miller
“I choose Love” M. Miller
“Better than a Hallelujah” A. Grant

Liturgy prepared by Rev. Lydia Muñoz & Rev. James McIntire

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