Your Western Jurisdiction First Elected Delegates to General Conference 2020 seek the support of prayer from our members and friends from across the Jurisdiction.

We have been hard at work: sharing our hopes and dreams for what our future church may look like, hearing stories from those who have felt silenced by the church, seeking partnerships to enact legislation, and meeting regularly to find our way in an ever-changing landscape of proposals, statements, and legislation.

As we start and end our times together in prayer, we ask you to pray for us and with us.

We ask you to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit as we navigate the rivers of legislation.

We ask you to pray for hearts of love as we try to meet some of the past and present pain in our denomination with the grace of Christ.

We ask you to pray for strength for the journey: for the reading, for the meetings, for the traveling, for the effort we and others need to put in for the future of our church and our churches.

We ask you to pray for our relationships with one another, our respective delegations, and those we will work with around the globe. May they be built on trust, compassion, listening, and grace.

We ask you to pray for the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church, in the Western Jurisdiction and around the world, that we may be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to follow along with the prayer resource which will be coming from The Upper Room at

Pray for us. Pray for our church. We will continue praying as well.

Your First Elected Delegates from the Western Jurisdiction

Alaska: Jim Doepken, Jo Anne Hayden
California-Nevada: Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, Michael Pope
California-Pacific: Cedrick Bridgeforth, Monalisa Tuitahi
Desert Southwest: Dan Hurlbert, Paul Gómez
Oregon-Idaho: Wendy Woodworth, Jan Nelson
Rocky Mountain: Jasper Peters, Harvey Tukutau
Pacific Northwest: Elizabeth Schindler, Skylar Bihl
Yellowstone: Dawn Maurer-Skerritt, Don McCammon

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