Resources for the Local Host Team

Tri-met Info

Team Policies and Resources

GC Local Host leadership Contacts

General Administration
Chair Bill Haden 503-730-8540
Deputy Chair Steve Sprecher 503-819-0300
Administrative Assistant Gretchen Engle
Central Office 503- 802-9200
Office Manager/Financial Resources/Secretarial Support/Lounge Hospitality Belinda Denicola 225-938-3354
Communications & Marketing Greg Nelson 503-421-7329
Project & VHS Coordinator Bill Wendt 503-501-8882
City Services
Coordinator Tim Overton-Harris   503-246-1213
Airport and MAX Coordinators Mary and Bob Pearson 503-697-6912
Hotel Hospitality Coordinators Janice Stevens 503-860-1452
Mary Foote 503-648-3072
Community Medical Services Mary Foote 503-648-3072
Terry Connell 503-292-1911
Convention Center Guest Services
Coordinators Eilidh Lowery 541-654-1876
Dottie Escobebo-Frank 602-502-4509
Registration Nan Olson 503-656-3163
Volunteer Training Director Ruth Marsh 208-419-7870
Volunteer Training Check-in Aaron Pazan 425-753-2984
Northwest Experience Coordinator Karen Nelson 503-957-6815
Area Information/Information Booth Roz Collins 503-314-2320
Program Services
Coordinator Brett Strobel 503-810-1234
Episcopal & Youth Lounge Coordinator Lisa Jean Hoefner 503-449-3094
Local Church Preaching Coordinator (Episcopal & Missionary) Jim Frisbie 917-409-3343
Prayer Support Coordinator Denise McGuiness 360- 903-6105
Director of Worship & Music Laura Jaquith Bartlett 503-891-4238
Ecumenical Guest Services Lowell Greathouse 503-260-2157
International Delegates David Valera 206-870-6808

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