ruth-smallHi! I’m Rev. Ruth Marsh, your training coordinator. You are in the right place to see training information for local host volunteers to the 2016 General Conference. This page includes general information for all volunteers, and detailed information for each of the work locations: Convention Center, Airport (and MAX lines), and Hotel Desks. After looking at this information, you can contact me with your questions at .

Information for all local host volunteers to know:

To get started, watch the video on this page, it will give you key information about hospitality and safety.

You an also watch an introductory video about using the Android Tablets that will be available at information booths, the airport, and hotels. Click here to view.

Here are some other resources for volunteers:

Get the APPS!

These smartphone or tablet applications might be helpful while working as a local host volunteer:

  • Google Translate
  • Yelp (for recommendations)
  • Zomato (for finding restaurants)
  • PDX Bus (iPhone) or TRI-MET Go (android) for live transit information
  • PDX Art

Specifics for Convention Center Volunteers

Volunteering at the Oregon Convention Center during General Conference 2016 will provide an opportunity to see the work of the United Methodist Church up-close and personal. Those working at this location need to report to room #B111 on the lower level at the beginning of their shift for general training and orientation. You will get a general briefing about working in the convention center covering hospitality, safety, and schedule. You will then get more information about volunteering in the prayer room, at the information booths, at delegate or volunteer check in, at Northwest Experience, as office help, on the Convention Center welcome team, or as a volunteer medical assistant. Please be aware that the schedule of General Conference often changes. So you may be asked to change jobs once you arrive at the Convention Center.

Prayer room volunteers, please read this information sheet before coming.

Specifics for Airport and MAX line volunteers

Airport welcome and TriMet MAX train guides: Have you every arrived somewhere only to wish that you had someone local to help you find your way though the airport and guide you on the train so you could be assured that you would arrive at your hotel safe and sound? You will provide that wished for help.  All airport and MAX volunteers report to the south end of baggage claim for orientation at the beginning of your shift. After viewing the video, follow these links to start your training for these volunteer jobs.

Specifics for Hotel site volunteers

The hotel volunteers will help make sure that delegates and visitors at GC2016 have all the information they need to make themselves at home in Portland. Watch the video above, and follow this link to make sure you are ready help folks get where they need to go, whether it is to a plenary session, or dinner after a long day of General Conference work.  If you are a hotel volunteer, be sure you have gone back onto the volunteer website to sign up for a specific hotel so you will know where to report at the beginning of your shift.


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