Conference Affiliation: California Pacific

Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC
Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership (2015)
“Leading a Bible Study on Incarnational Mission for the 21st Century”
Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA
Master of Divinity (2000)
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Science – Computer Science with a Business Administration minor (1991)

Ministry Experience:
Ministry Experience:
General Board of Global Ministries, Atlanta, GA
Executive Director of Missionary Service (2016-Present)
Associate General Secretary of Missionary Service (2011-2016)
• Serve on Global Ministries’ Senior Leadership Team (equivalent to Cabinet)
• Oversee recruitment, selection, matching, and deployment of long-term missionaries and Global Mission Fellows, young adult missionaries serving a 2-year mission service opportunity
• Lead and coordinate new missionary training and commissioning – teaching courses on Intercultural Mission, Conflict Transformation, Theology of Commissioning, Professionalism, and others
• Provide administrative and general programmatic leadership for the Missionary Service Unit that supports 250-350 full-time missionaries including 80-130 young adult missionaries from everywhere to everywhere
• Provide Human Resources Support including managing grievances/complaints, conflict mediation, payroll/benefits, separations, and hiring/on-boarding of mission personnel
• Supervise staff team of 13-22 persons building on the values of accountability, communication, strategic, capacity building, and teamwork
• Manage annual budget of $13,000,000 to $21,000,000
Placentia United Methodist Church, Placentia, CA
Senior Pastor (2008-2011)
General Board of Global Ministries, New York, NY
Executive Secretary of Asian American and Pacific Islanders Ministries (2007-2008)
La Mirada United Methodist Church, La Mirada, CA
Senior Pastor (2004-2007)
Los Angeles District, Los Angeles, CA
Executive Director of Development and Resources (2002-2004)
Ascension Ministry of Los Angeles Korean United Methodist Church, Los Angeles, CA
Associate Pastor (2001-2002), Coordinator of Community Life (2020-2021)
Western Jurisdiction Korean Mission, Los Angeles, CA
Consultant (2001-2002)

Jurisdictional Delegate (2016, 2020)
Board of Ordained Ministry (2020-Present)
Board of Congregational Development – Chair (2009-2011), Chair of Resourcing Team (2006-2009), Member (2005-2012)
Korean American Caucus – Executive Committee Member (2002-2004, 2010-2011)
Santa Ana District Mission Center Leadership Team – Leader of Congregational Development (2005-2007)
Council on Korean Ministry – Chair (2004-2005), Member (2004-2007)
Clergywomen’s Association – Co-Leader (2004- 2007)
Racial Ethnic Minority Internship Mentoring Team – Member (2005-2006)
COSROW – Member (2004-2006)
Facilitators Group – Leadership Team (2001-2003)

General Church
Asian American and Pacific Islanders Clergywomen Association – Advisory Member (2013-2015)
Call to Action Steering Team – Member (2010)
National Association of Korean American Clergywomen United Methodists – Vice President (2007-2009)
Center for Korean American English Ministry of the UMC – Board Member (2006-2008)
TransGeneration Ministry of Korean American United Methodists – Board Member (2005-2007), President (2001-2003); Vice President (1999-2001)
United Methodist Council on Korean American Ministries – Vice Chair of the Next Generation Ministries (2000-2004)
Youth Initiative (United Methodist National Youth Leadership Conference) – Coordinator (2000-2001)
General Conference Task Force on Korean American Ministries – Member (1997-2000)

Other Relevant Experiences:
Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC
Adjunct Professor – Spiritual Formation (2023-Present)
The Sportsman’s Gallery, Montebello, CA
Founding Partner & Manager (1991-1998)

Age/Number of Quadrennia Eligible to Serve: 4

What would you identify as the top 5 essential leadership qualities for a bishop in the West?
1) A Vision for the Church. A bishop in the West should be committed to the vision of a regionalized, all-inclusive Church and the mission of making disciples. The United Methodist Church is entering a new era of possibilities and opportunities. It will be important for a bishop to understand the complexities and challenges of the current reality of our nation and the world while being able to inspire and empower others to lift up the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are in the church and those who are outside the church especially the marginalized, the oppressed, the vulnerable, and the lost.
2) Intercultural Competency. A bishop of the United Methodist Church should have intercultural competency to work with people of various cultures, languages, ethnicities, gender identities, socio-economic classes, abilities, etc. It will be important for a bishop to have strong self-awareness of their own culture, values, and biases as they seek to cross the boundaries to enter into relationships with diverse groups of people. Cultural competency is essential in being able to build and rebuild bridges, to bring healing and restoration, to strengthen partnerships, and to live into being the beloved community of God.
3) Collaborative Spirit. An African proverb tells us, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Having a spirit of collaboration – honoring and respecting the voices of others, trusting and leaning on the gifts of others, and being vulnerable to ask for help and let go of control – is needed in a bishop where the demands and expectations of the responsibilities exceed the ability of any one person. Also, the essence of who we are as the body of Christ is that we are interconnected and interdependent. A bishop should have a track record of having a collaborative spirit in their life and ministry as they serve in this role.
4) Pastoral Heart. A bishop should have a caring and compassionate heart towards the clergy, laity, as well as the unchurched/non-religious – to be there to listen and to offer grace when it is most needed. The bishops who have had the biggest impact on me are those who exhibit these qualities.
5) Administrative and Organizational Skills. So much of the day-to-day work of a bishop requires administrative and organizational skills. They need to be able to maintain focus on the larger vision while attending to details and ensuring that various tasks are addressed in a timely fashion. They also need to interpret and implement the polity of the United Methodist Church. A bishop should be grounded and objective in approaching these responsibilities to maintain fairness, equity, and justice.

Describe an impactful experience you have had with a bishop.
A few years back, I received a call from my bishop to discern a possible appointment back in the California-Pacific Annual Conference. As an ordained elder, I am fully committed to the itinerancy and was excited about the possibility of being back in my conference to serve. However, as a mother, I was concerned about the impact of this transition on our adopted children who had been with us for only a couple of years at the time. My husband and I prayed fervently for a couple of days and then consulted our son, a Middle Schooler at the time. He said “I feel like I finally settled here in a new country with a new family in a new school. I don’t want to move to start all over.” I cried hearing this and called my bishop to explain our family situation. The bishop was so gracious and pastoral. After listening, the bishop understood and allowed me to stay in my current position, for the stability of my children in their critical years.

Endorsement (First Endorsement)
With a distinguished career and unwavering commitment to the Church’s mission, Rev. Dr. Judy Chung would be an outstanding addition for the episcopacy as bishop of the Western Jurisdiction of the UMC. Currently serving as the executive director of Missionary Service at Global Ministries, Judy has demonstrated exceptional leadership by managing the entire lifecycle for missionaries and supporting them throughout their service. Her proven track record in the selection, deployment, and support of clergy and laypeople, along with her experience in conflict resolution and multi-cultural competency, is a testament to her capability to excel in episcopal responsibilities. In addition to being equipped to effectively bridge cultural divides, Judy is fully committed to full inclusion – both progressive and traditional. With the Western Jurisdiction having a proud history of pioneering episcopal leadership, her election as the first Asian woman bishop would continue this legacy. I wholeheartedly support Judy’s candidacy for the episcopacy knowing she will bring transformative leadership with the UMC’s commitment to embrace a more diverse and inclusive future.

– Mark Stephenson, GC delegate for Cal-Pac and lay pastor at Harmony – Toluca Lake

Endorsement (Second Endorsement)

I strongly endorse Rev. Dr. Judy Chung for Bishop. My name is Didier Monga, I served as a Global Mission Fellow in Côte d’Ivoire, then as a Mission Advocate. I now work as a Young Adult Mission Service Program Associate within the Missionary Service Unit led by Rev. Dr. Chung.

With remarkable mindfulness, Rev. Dr. Chung uplifts missionaries and communities in various contexts worldwide. She understands clergy’s challenges and opportunities will effectively inspire them. Her dedication to God’s glory leads her to share meals and engage with young adult Global Mission Fellows. She listens to their testimonies of God’s work around the world.

Rev. Dr. Chung possesses extensive local and global knowledge of The UMC, which shapes her responses to complex conflicts. With deep awareness, she ensures that all parties are treated with respect and care and navigates these challenges without causing harm.

With a profound spiritual presence, Rev. Dr. Chung prioritizes the needs of people while putting God first. Under her leadership, any conference will be in caring hands. She is dedicated to the wellbeing of all she serves. Her unwavering commitment to faith and God’s people makes her an outstanding leader.

Didier Monga wa Shakapanga

Endorsement (Third Endorsement)

I have had the privilege of knowing Rev. Judy Chung for close to 20 years, and throughout this time, I have consistently been impressed by her unwavering commitment to full inclusion and her exceptional leadership skills. Inspired by her deep faith, Judy feels called to serve all members of our church family, creating a welcoming space that celebrates our diversity.
As a natural bridge builder, she brings people together with a gift for understanding and a focus on unity. Her global perspective and experience with the General Agency will be invaluable assets for our church’s growth and vitality. Judy’s proven track record in leadership and pastoral care in selection, deployment, and support of clergy and laity alike speaks volumes about her ability to shepherd our jurisdiction with wisdom and grace.
Most notably, Judy’s election would mark a historic milestone as the first Asian United Methodist clergywoman to be elected Bishop in the US, reflecting our jurisdiction’s commitment to embracing diversity and inclusivity in its highest leadership. I wholeheartedly endorse Judy Chung for episcopal office.
Rev. Moonyoung Lee
Dean of Cabinet
California-Pacific Annual Conference

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