Staci Current

Ethnic Background: African American

Conference: California Nevada

Probationary Date: 07/01/2003

Full Membership Date: 07/01/2006

Number of Eligible Quadrenniums: 5

Spelman College, BA Political Science, 1993
Claremont School of Theology, MDiv, 1998

Ministry Experience:
Bowen Memorial United Methodist Church, Atlanta, Seminary Intern 1995-1997
Candler School of Theology, Admissions Representative, 1995-1997
Claremont School of Theology, Admissions Representative, 1997-1998
Seattle First United Methodist Church, Celebration Minister 1998-2000
Des Moines United Methodist, Youth Director, 2000-2001
Shattuck Avenue United Methodist Church, Pastor, 2001-2009
Jones Memorial United Methodist Church, Pastor, 2009-2015
El Camino Real District Superintendent, 2015-2017
Bay District Superintendent, 2017-Present
Dean of the Appointive Cabinet, 2020-2022
Bay District Union, Board Member
Bay District Board of Ordained Ministry, Board Member
Bay District Church Building and Location, Board Member
El Camino Real Board of Ordained Ministry, Board Member
El Camino Real Church Building and Location Committee, Board Member
General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegate, 2018-present
Jurisdictional Conference Delegate, 2012
Western Jurisdiction Interethnic Coordinating Committee Member
Committee on New and Vital Congregations Cabinet Representative
Board of Pensions, Cabinet Representative
Annual Conference Worship Preacher
United Methodist Women, School of Mission Instructor
United Methodist Women, Retreat Leader and Guest Preacher

Community and Ecumenical Involvement:
Fred Finch Youth Center, Board Member
San Francisco Police Department Chaplain
UC San Francisco Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center Community Advisory Board Member
San Francisco Interfaith Coalition, Member
St. Luke’s Society, Oakland, California
National Black Clergywomen of the United Methodist Church, Member
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, Member
Spelman College Alumni Association, Member

Other Relevant Experience:
The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute Coach Certification
American Red Cross, CPR Certification
Conversational Spanish

Why are you being called to the episcopacy at this time? What is it that you especially bring to the role of bishop with the current challenges facing our denomination and the Western Jurisdiction right now?
I once read that “challenges are opportunities wrapped in ugly wrapping paper.” I deeply believe that our obstacles can be opportunities for God to do something new in us and through us. A firm believer in resurrection, I see signs of new life for the church all around, and this beckons me to respond to the call to the episcopacy at this time. We are indeed facing many challenges. Yet, I trust that underneath the ‘ugly wrapping paper’ are tremendous opportunities to expand the reign of God.

Over the last 25 years in ministry I have been gifted with challenges that taught me to stretch in my leadership, to build collaborative teams, and be creative and innovative. I have firsthand experience of pastoring local churches that were revitalized in numerical growth and transformative discipleship. As a District Superintendent, I have worked to establish a new district that leads that Annual Conference in professions of faith. My ministry experience, uncompromising love of all God’s children, and unapologetic love for Christ equip me for such a time as this.

I also intimately understand the “West.” I was born and raised in Southern California and have served in Pacific Northwest, California Nevada, and was a seminarian in California Pacific. Growing up in a predominately Asian American suburban context, attending a mainly White non-denominational church as well as a Black Baptist church in my youth, I have an engrained love for and appreciation for the diverse tapestry that is the Western Jurisdiction. I know it is our strength.

Most importantly, I still believe in the Church of Jesus Christ. I still fervently believe that the church continues to have a prophetic role to play in the healing of our world. I am relentless in demanding that the church live up to her ideals because the world desperately needs the healed and whole body of Christ. At age twenty three I was kicked out of my Baptist home church for being a woman with a call to ministry. I was welcomed in the UMC and found a home here. So I am passionate about ensuring that there is a wide embrace of welcome for everyone for generations to come. I fully understand that the future church will look different than anything we have known. Yet, the bringing forth of this new church invigorates me! I see myself as a spiritual midwife if you will. I am ready and willing to inspire, encourage, and equip the birthing of God’s vision of a transformed church.

Describe how the last two years have affected your ministry.
In “The Pandemic Is a Portal,” Arundhati Roy writes, “Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.” Living in a time of global pandemic has changed life as we once knew it. While the pandemic has been an accelerator for innovation, it has also laid bare the weaknesses in the way we do church. This has caused me to look pull back and look at the larger picture of sustainability and relevancy for our churches as we stand in this pandemic portal.

My work has centered on supporting churches and pastors to navigate tremendous pivots into virtual worship, dealing with decreased income, caring for the clergy under great stress in their roles, as well as the other administrative tasks that continued to need to be cared for even in the midst of a pandemic. This season propelled me to gather groups to work collaboratively to meet basic physical and spiritual needs. The San Francisco United Methodist Churches were able to work together to gift $100,000 to Hospitality House Shelter to provide hotel rooms for unhoused families during the height of the COVID19 pandemic. As a result of this partnership, we recently learned that all those who were helped by this effort are now in permanent housing! Praise the Lord! A key element in working collaboratively during the last two years has been an intentional mission strategy that engages the deacons in our district to take active leadership roles in connecting the local churches to the community. I am eager to continuing to structure our district to have an appointed deacon to each county to facilitate such life giving partnership with the larger community.

The power of connectionalism has been remarkable during such a precarious time. This time has compelled us to reach beyond our silos. As District Superintendent I have worked to encourage and facilitate that. Hosting weekly district clergy meetings for mutual support as well as encouraging churches to virtually worship together was a gift during this time. In our district trainings for this season, we discontinued bringing people in from the outside to teach us and began intentionally learning from one another and trusting that the wisdom that we need is already among us.

The ability to worship anywhere through digital means have called me to revision the idea of being connected and the permeability of geographic boundaries. I am intrigued and excited for the coming years and looking forward to living into what it means to “think globally, act locally” as the connected body of believers.

Endorser: Ms. Micheal Pope

Relationship to Candidate: California Nevada Annual Conference Lay Leader

Letter of Endorsement

Dear WJ Episcopacy Committee:
It is my honor and privilege to compose this letter of endorsement endorsing Pastor Staci Current to be a candidate for Bishop within the Western Jurisdiction. Pastor Staci Current is a leader that embodies the principals of spiritual leadership. She demonstrates a humble heart that is focused on building the Kingdom to the glory of God.
Pastor Staci is a servant leader who has built faith communities where individuals feel included and loved. Her ministries have resulted in the multiplication of disciples throughout the Cal/Nevada conference and connectional church. Her understanding of engagement speaks to her ability to adapt.
Pastor Staci is living up to the scripture that defines Christian mentoring that has led to her developing relationships of trust that have changed lives.
During these times when the church is adapting to a future that requires the UM church to embrace a culture that requires transparency when speaking of the realities of today’s world.
The future of the church will depend upon a leader like Pastor Staci Current who can create collaborative relationships that fuel a new expression of faith.
In His Name We Serve.
Micheal Pope
Cal/Nevada Conference Lay Leader

Endorser: Rev. Samuel Yun

Relationship to Candidate: Embrace United Methodist Church, Pastor and California Nevada Core Team Chair

August 29, 2022
As a grandson of a Bishop and a third-generation Methodist clergy, I have come to know the specific challenges of our denomination as well as the necessary gifts that are needed in an episcopal leader for such a time as this. With the denomination in decline and in the presence of current division, we need a Bishop who can be strategic and adaptable in an ever-changing world, and more importantly, one who is absolutely grounded in the transforming and uniting power of the Gospel message and possessing the ability to articulate that message in an inspiring and empowering way. Rev. Current possesses such qualities with a level of boldness and passion that constantly touches hearts and challenges the church. Furthermore, Rev. Current has demonstrated in her ministry a life of intentional discipleship, a fervent commitment to prayer and an uncompromising love for God and for people. She has also shown a type of leadership that has actually resulted in revival and the expanding of God’s Kingdom. Because of her commitment to growing the church through a vision of collaboration, I believe her episcopal leadership will absolutely make a difference not only in our jurisdiction but throughout the denomination as well.
Joyfully submitted by,
Rev. Samuel Yun

Endorser: Rev. Angela Brown

Relationship to Candidate: Minister of Community Engagement, Advocacy, and Justice-San Francisco Circuit/ Cal-Nevada Chair Order Of Deacons

I consider it an honor to write a statement in support of Rev. Current’s Episcopacy candidacy.

I have known Rev. Current for over ten years as my pastor and as my District Superintendent. Both relationships have convinced me that she has the gifts, skills, and leadership qualities to serve as a Bishop.

Rev. Current came to Jones Memorial UMC during a challenging and complex period in the church’s history. There were those who questioned her ability to lead because she was a woman; and others who had undying allegiance to the former pastor who left in controversy. Despite all the “slings and arrows” that came at her directly and indirectly she handled herself with grace and love. She led and loved the congregation to higher heights spiritually, and the congregation numbers grew under her leadership.

Following the BOD, she addressed the issues and controversy (civil lawsuit) caused by the former pastor with honesty and transparency.

As my District Superintendent, I have seen her through her preaching and counseling encourage and inspire pastors that had grown discouraged and felt underappreciated. I know that I have always thought that she had my back.

She leads by example and invites you to be your best.

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