Near the close of the plenary time on Thursday, November 3, the Western Jurisdiction Conference held an executive session. On the following morning (Friday), Rev. Brad Laurvick, Secretary of the Western Jurisdiction, read the following statement about and from the executive session.

In our Western Jurisdiction space, racism, sexism, and homophobia have all been experienced. We commit ourselves as Annual Conference Delegations and as a Jurisdiction to address these with transparency and consistency so we can become an inclusive church.

We repent from the harm that has been caused in our midst, in our system, and the harm that we ourselves have caused. We repent from participating in sinful rumors and repent of the ways in which we have allowed them to dwell within our body. We affirm now, and will continue to affirm, our Episcopal candidates— those who are no longer in process and those who are – they are beloved children of God. As we review their qualifications, we recognize the abundance of gifts and graces among them all. We believe that they are going on to perfection, and we commit to spurring them onward.

Be blessed and be a blessing…

Rev. Bradley Laurvick (he/him)
Secretary, Western Jurisdiction

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