Conference Affiliation: Desert Southwest

Tonga High School (Kingdom of Tonga)
– Tonga School Certificate (US Diploma Equivalent) P.S.S.C Pacific Senior Secondary School Cert (University Enterance)
Mt San Jacinto College (San Jacinto California)
– A.A in Physical Education (98)
Phoenix College (Phoenix, Arizona)
– A.A in Accountancy (2003) Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
-A.A.P.I Honor student
Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)
– B.A in Integrative studies / Business (2009) (Cum Laude)
The Claremont School of Theology (Claremont, California)
-M.Div -(2017)
Began D.Min (2 courses and Project left until completion/ paused because spouse passed away)

Ministry Experience:
Local Church
– Trinity UMC Phoenix (Tongan Ministry) 2005-2013
-Tongan UMC Mesa – 20013-2023
-District Superintendent North District -2023 – Current
Annual Conference
-Chair of the Ethnic Local Church Concerns Committee
– Board of Ordained Ministry Member
-Episcopacy Committee Member
– Pasifika Islander Commission Member
-Wesley Board Member
– Rules Committee
General Church
– Pacific Islander National Caucus of United Methodist

Age/Number of Quadrennia Eligible to Serve: 5

What would you identify as the top 5 essential leadership qualities for a bishop in the West?
1. The ability to sit in the uncomfortable silence and listen
2. Leading from a cultural context which sees leadership through the eyes of collaboration and community
3. Leading with Humility and knowing that a cup that is always full cannot be filled
4. The ability to network and to find creative ways to enter ministry and not afraid to do something new.
5. The ability to add the first Pasifika Islander voice at the Episcopal level across the entire denomination. The ability to offer leadership from a Pasifika context would be essential to the beloved community we envision as the future of our church.

Describe an impactful experience you have had with a bishop.
I have had many but two that stand out. One is when Bishop Dottie Escobedo-Frank was still part of the Desert Southwest she supported me in the establishment of Taulanga Malu or Safe Harbor Assylum seeker ministry at Tongan UMC Mesa, Arizona. Through this ministry we till this day are able to assist those travelling familes in their desires to find a better life. Through Bishop Dottie's support we have seen God's provisions afforded to many. Another experience is when Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut was elected, as soon as the election results came out he met me on the floor of the Western Jurisdiction space where it was held and we embraced and he said to me "I see you." this spoke to the core of my spirit. I am a nobody and for someone to meet me and embrace me and tell me they see me is beyond words. That is the feeling I want ALL and I mean ALL to feel. That everyone will be seen and heard.

Endorsement (First Endorsement)

I am humbled and honored to bring this endorsement for the Rev. Timote Piukala, as I believe he would offer a needed spirit to the office of Bishop in the Western Jurisdiction of the UMC. Rev. Piukala’s humble and discerning spirit is one that our anxious church is so desperately in need of. Timote has both a love for the church, and a great self-awareness that has served the church well. These two characteristics are complimentary in that Timote recognizes his limits, he leans on the body of Christ. I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Ordained Ministry with Timote for 3 years. While doing so, I noted Timote’s voice was one of reason and clarity, bringing a calm assurance to every conversation. Although I have not served in his district, I have observed that Timote brings a boost to the morale of his pastors and the churches of the North District in the Desert Southwest Conference.
Submitted by- Rev. Doug Handlong UMC of Green Valley,
BOOM Chair, Desert Southwest Conference

Endorsement (Second Endorsement)

As members of the Lay Servant Ministry, Tongan Language, it is with great honor and enthusiasm that we write to endorse Rev. Timote Piukala for the office of Episcopacy. Over the years, we have witnessed his unwavering dedication to our faith and community, his teaching of Christ, and his unyielding passion for shepherding the flock entrusted to his care.He embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation, guiding his congregation(s) in the local churches, and now as a District Superintendent with grace and steadfast faith that God's power is at work in every moment.
Rev. Piukala exemplifies the essence of compassionate leadership. He possesses an innate ability to listen with empathy, provide counsel with wisdom, and inspire with his actions. His commitment to serving all of God’s children is a testament to his deep understanding of the gospel’s call to love and serve one another. Rev. Piukala has embodied this in his vision of unity and diversity by fostering a church where every individual is valued and every voice is heard.
We are certain that he will continue to inspire, lead, and serve with grace and dedication.
Rev. Sifa Hingano,
Chairperson – Lay Servant Ministry Tongan
Board of Discipleship

Endorsement (Third Endorsement)

It is my honor to recommend Rev. Timote Piukala for the sacred office of Bishop within the United Methodist Church. As the incoming chair of the Welcoming, Affirming, and Reconciling Ministry (WARM) task force of the Desert Southwest Conference, I have witnessed Rev. Piukala's dedication to fostering an inclusive and compassionate spiritual community.Rev. Piukala's ministry is grounded in the profound belief that everyone deserves God's mercy and grace. His deep commitment to inclusivity is evident in his sermons and theological reflections and his tangible actions aimed at building bridges within our diverse community. Timote has tirelessly advocated for marginalized individuals, ensuring their voices are heard and their experiences validated.Rev. Piukala's visionary approach and pastoral sensitivity make him an exemplary candidate for the episcopacy. He embodies the values of justice, unity, and grace foundational to our faith. I am confident that, as Bishop, he will continue to inspire, guide, and nurture our Church, upholding its mission to be a beacon of God's inclusive love in the world.
Sincerely,Pastor Gina Pollard
Incoming Chair
Welcoming, Affirming, and Reconciling Ministry Task Force Desert Southwest Conference

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