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November 14-16, 2019   Scroll down for more details.

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November 16

8:30 Worship:  Theme: “Innovating” (livestream)
9:00 Sprint Process Part 4
11:00 Final Summaries (livestream)
Noon Lunch
1:00 Putting it all together:  Where do we go from here? (livestream)
2:00 Closing Worship (livestream)
3:00 Adjourn (livestream)


Progress Report from Fresh Summit Working Group

The following report is being shared on behalf of the WJ Fresh Summit Working Group. The ten-person team was elected by attendees of the summit in November. January 6, 2020 A working group of the Western Jurisdiction was elected by the 200+ United Methodists who came...

event purpose

What will the future of The United Methodist Church look like in the coming years? Who is shaping that vision, and what are the most important values?

The WJ is known across The United Methodist Church for its diversity and justice-seeking spirit. With this event, we hope to live into that reputation more fully by bringing together institutional leaders and some of the emerging voices that we need to hear today.

How will this event shape the future of the Church? We don’t know but we are convinced that this is a season where we need to hear new voices, fresh ideas, and perspectives.

generating new energy, questions, & innovation

Beginning with reports from each Annual Conference and several WJ workgroups, attendees will be listening for areas of alignment and opportunity so that the jurisdiction can collaborate for broader impact. Then, participants will go through a process of envisioning and innovation around the next steps for the Western Jurisdiction and The United Methodist Church.

Location Details

Space is limited for this event. A formula, mirroring the delegate allotment for General Conference, was used to designate seat allotments for each Conference in the Western Jurisdiction (WJ). Rolling Hills UMC is located at 26438 Crenshaw Blvd, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274. Visit https://rhumc.org/ to learn more.

Participant Details

Participants in this event are the WJ Leadership Team which includes the active Bishops from the WJ, WJ Work Group Leaders, WJ General Conference Delegates, WJ Directors of Communications, WJ Mission Cabinet, and other invited leaders. This is the group that will engage in table group discussions.

Observer Details

Each Conference’s number of observer seats is determined by Conference size matching the General Conference delegate allotment. Observer application deadline is September 25. The drawing is on September 27. Observers will receive an invitation to register from their Conference following the drawing.


Significant sessions of the Fresh United Methodism Summit will be live-streamed beginning at 4:00 PM Pacific Time on November 14, 2019.

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