Dear Friends,

As we continue our collaborative work within the Inter-Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy (ICOE) to facilitate possible episcopal transfers (a shared bishop from another jurisdiction in the U.S. still within their active service years), an Episcopal election will likely be necessary. Recognizing this possibility, we are preparing for a possible episcopal election at the 2024 Western Jurisdictional Conference on July 10-13 in Spokane, Washington.

We expect to be able to share more specific expectations about the election process before and during our jurisdictional gathering in the coming weeks. Because time is running short, we need to start this process now, even before we know all the details of possible transfers. In the meantime, we want to share this information so those who may be considering a call to the Office of Bishop will have time for prayerful consideration.

Perhaps you discerned a call to the episcopacy some time ago. Now may be your time to act upon that call. You may also enter into a communal discernment process with potential candidates and then encourage them to fill out the form on the Western Jurisdiction website,

After potential candidates fill out the profile, we will be in touch with the next required steps in the process. Please help us identify and raise up candidates you feel have the potential to be effective episcopal leaders by sharing this information with them. We are committed to creating a supportive election process, so if you need help or have questions, please let us know.

In this together,

Western Jurisdiction Committee on Episcopacy

Alaska: Jim Doepken, Jo Anne Hayden
California-Nevada: Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, Emily Allen
California-Pacific: Allison Mark, Monalisa Tuitahi
Desert Southwest: Dan Hurlbert, Paul Gómez
Oregon-Idaho: Wendy Woodworth, Jan Nelson
Rocky Mountain (Legacy): Jasper Peters, Gayla Jo Slauson
Pacific Northwest: Gregg Sealey, Skylar Bihl
Yellowstone (Legacy): Dawn Maurer-Skerritt, Diane Martin

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